Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heritage zip tour at Neemrana Palace in Rajasthan

The northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan is known for its ornate buildings and camel safari. The state boasts numerous forts and palaces where travellers can really experience how the maharajas of yore lived their life. Because, many of these palaces and forts have been converted into heritage hotels. And while you stay at these heritage hotels, you can also meet with the royal families residing there. While you stay, you can gain an insight into the lifestyle that the maharajas and kings of Rajasthan once led.

One of the first palace-turned-hotels in Rajasthan is the Neemrana Fort Palace. Though the heritage hotel doesn't have women handing you the towel at the bathroom and there are no televisions in the rooms, you can still experience a lot when it comes to the knowing the traditions and heritage of Rajasthan.

Today, Neemrana Fort Palace offers you south Asia's first zipwire – Flying Fox. Yes, history really gets interesting as you reach the palace and choose to enjoy the five zip runs here. You can zip along the wire and soak up the sight of the Neemrana Fort Palace, set amidst Mexican acacia covered mountains ranges of the Aravalli. The heritage zip-tour at the Neemrana Palace is a recent addition, introduced in Rajasthan by a British duo Jono Walter and Dickie McCallum. The Flying Fox concept has begun to attract more and more tourists to Neemrana Fort Palace in Rajasthan.

The aerial view of the Neemrana Palace is a feast for all eyes. The palace was built in 1464. Royal families used to live at the palace till 1940s, but they had to leave as it was too expensive to keep the palace as home. The structure of the Neemrana Palace comprises of a maze of ramps, staircases, corridors and balconies.

Zip-wire run at Neemrana Fort Palace can be enjoyed by anyone who is above 5 years and below 75 years of age. Apart from backpackers, the zip run is equally liked by families and kids from all across India and the world.

The zip-wire run along all the five wires takes around 5 hours. The cost of one night's B&B at the Neemrana Fort Palace including the Flying Fox session comes around £75 per person on twin sharing basis.

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